Samsung’s smart contact lenses turn your eye into a computer

by Sean Keach via

The human eye is an incredible feat of natural engineering, but it’s not smart enough for Samsung.

Samsung has been granted a patent for smart contact lenses that would revolutionise the way we see.

The filing, first spotted by Sammobile, details a smart lens that would imbue a user’s eye with computing capability.

The lens is said to feature a small display that would provide a more natural version of augmented reality compared to smart glasses.


But Samsung doesn’t stop there. The lens is also fitted with a miniature camera that can take photos and record video. It sounds a bit like Google Glass, but even more inconspicuous.

The lens would also come equipped with an antenna, presumably to connect to a peripheral device like a smartphone, which would likely provide the brunt of the computing heft.

Samsung says users will be able to control the lenses through gestures like blinking, which will be registered by tiny, embedded sensors that detect eye movement.


Unfortunately, the existence of a patent application is in no way indicative of Samsung plans to release such a device.

However, it should be noted that Samsung trademarked the name ‘Gear Blink’ two years ago. Perhaps this is related somehow?

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