The Truth is you Become What you Think About

 by Rene Torres – writer/editor

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Traditionally society has accepted the conclusion that evolution takes thousands if not tens of thousands of years to occur.  However as our society advances, it becomes clearer by day that evolution can be accelerated by grand design.  What separates us from every other species is that we are able speak, read, write, and form ideas.  That distinction allows us to make tools, weapons and medicine.  The beginning of recorded history as we know it traces back only around five thousand years.  In that time span we have evolved from mastering written language to creating vessels that can travel to other worlds.   Not bad some would say.

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One thing that stands clear among all of mankind’s achievements is that not a single one would have occurred without being thought of first.  Being able to think and put thought to action is what gives us the ability to accelerate our evolution.  That’s right folks; our imagination is literally driving this reality.  A couple of clicks on the internet and you’ll find endless info on the various ways we are actively trying to evolve and enhance our standards of living.  From synthetic organs to microscopic robots our aim is to become more durable.  Through our thoughts we are developing as a whole.  The common goal: longer life and abundance.

Through our thoughts we’re changing as a species, taking charge of the next steps in our evolution.  Through the mind we accomplish what we aim for.  Understanding that the thoughts of today build the world of tomorrow is one of the fundamental steps of a happy life.  So to those who seek a complete and fulfilled life, take care of your thoughts for they are literally writing your story.

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